Other works soon to be released by CA Anderson:

The Writer

A novice writer travels to the same hotel her idol wrote his novels. Her idol shows up and teacher her the fundamentals of writing. Unfortunately he passed away several years ago.

Featured Author: CA Anderson

CA lives in Ventura County California. When she is not writing she keeps herself busy with other forms of art, such as; drawing, freeform and wheel clay, oil and acrylics painting, crochet, needlepoint, photography, baking, sewing, and music. She also enjoys gardening, hiking, riding her bike while I running my dog.

C.A. Anderson

Untitled short story

A Narcissistic new reporter dreams of scraping off the small town TV station for NYC. Along the way karma finds him.

Untitled novel series

After her divorce, Paige returns to her old profession, talking with the dead. She struggles with her gift as trying to make a life for herself.